What do I Give ?


You are invited to a Party !!!!

Yay ! …… So happy for the recipient… But, WHAT in the world will you give as a gift ! One of the most stressful things to do…to say the least.  Trying to think of what they will Like , really ???

At Gem & Stone, we take the guess work and “Stress” out of your decision making process. When it comes to purchasing a gift for someone special, you really want to present them with something “personalized”, and not something , someone else will get them ! Which seems to always happen….

Everyone is filled to the max with photos on their phones, iPads, etc. There is definitely NOT a lack of adorable photos at your fingertips ! Why not preserve that cute photo, that has been on your phone for way too long. Gifts for Men & Women, Charm Bracelets, Photo Pendants, Pearl Bracelets for Your Mom on your Wedding Day. Cufflinks for Dad, or Husband.   The possibilities are endless.

Pick an item in the shop, upload your photo, or photos…. and you are on your way to receiving a gift boxed, Unique, one of a kind gift…….A sentimental keepsake not to be found in your local mall. We welcome Custom orders, if there is something that you would like, but don’t see , just ask. We would LOVE to create the perfect gift for you Xo !

Lots of Handmade Love,


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